Thursday, July 31, 2014

Commuter - My Bike

I am also one in that bunch in which everyone has 'n' bikes and need / wish to have 'n+1' bikes. Till now my n was 1, and finally I upped it to 2, by presenting myself My Bike.

Here comes, My Bike...

 Well, the need? With the challenging 1200 on the way, I want my legs to get used to a bike on daily basis. One awesome opportunity is, commute. But why do I need an additional bike?

 Just a week before I got my Rockrider 5.3 ressurected and upgraded with some genuine components which took the bike one step closer to a tourer / rando bike status (read about it, here). I wanted to give it the respect it deserves for all the experience it gave me. 

 I am a lazy idiot who rarely maintain a bike. When I start commuting with a bike, thanks to the day long exposure to dust in office and lack of maintenance, the bike becomes dirty fast and it demotivates me further, to give it a bath. I don't want this to happen again to my RR5.3.

Why single speed? Two factors. Distance per day for commute being 10 km total, let my legs get used to applying some power too, instead of just shifting down and keeping legs in comfort zone always. in what ever ascents available(can't be classified as ascent though).  Second - less components, less service.

I got a stand and fenders (cheaper ones, just to manage those 10 kms) also.

Had a joy ride from Decathlon Bannerghatta road to home. Being a b'twin frame, I didn't feel a difference in posture in the 10 kms ride. I couldn't resist a smile whenever my hands searched for shifter or barends which I have in my RR 5.3.

Now my wait starts for that  Rando bike which I dream every day...


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