Monday, January 5, 2015


Above is the summary of my cycling in 2014...

It started with an aim of 10000 kms for the year... Plan went well with a 400 km and 1000 km BRMs in January. Followed three months where I had to spend more time in work and so less cycling..

May was literally wasted IMO. Had more than 25 days of leave and with a hope, took my bike to hometown. Sadly two rides totalling 200 kms..

I registered for 1000km BRM in June. Having no fitness due to least activities after Jan, I doubted my ability to complete 1000.  The doubt lasted till 2PM of the D-day. As always, my first rolemodel is myself.. Looked back my experience, how I attacked my first 1000K a year ago. Got confidence, prepared and went to attack the distance again.

This time, wind came back on me strongly for revenge. At a point, I decided, screw the timings and enjoy the company in a 1000. Jayaprakash E, Karthik P and Kaviarasu were good company on the 1000.

Then started from July, my preparations for Bliss in the Hills 1200km RM. It was literally a dream and I prepared myself with the same motivation I had for my first 1000. All my training rides were with Sandeep and Silvester accompanying us mostly. But had to give up my Bliss in the Hills due to stupid reasons when I was strongly going.

Kept the momentum in November and December, riding the Bangalore brevets, recceing for new routes, etc., Most of them with Sandeep..

At once, it looked reaching 6000 kms for year, an impossible task. Active end of the year took me near to 2013 mileage (136 kms short of that still)...

I had more component upgrades in 2014. Got a bike separately for commute. I commuted regularly around end of the year.

I had only one run in 2013 -a HM in october. As usual, participated without practice, finished in 2 hrs 12 min, shaving 3 min from previous attempt.

For 2015, R5000 and R10000 are in my bucket list. Needed are, SR600, a local 1200 RM and PBP.

Still longing for that rando bike. Hope to complete some of my dreams this year.


  1. All your dream's will come alive this year Machi

    1. Thanks a lot Silvester... When are you joining for a ride?

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Abhijit... No.. Haven't ridden in a long time... How are you.. Are you riding?