Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bangalore Brevets Medal Ceremony - 2014

The medal ceremony for Brevets of 2013 season and some of 2014 happened last saturday of June 2014 at Old Physics Department, IISc Bangalore. As I always believe, medal ceremonies are the only occasions where a rider gets to meet all his/her co-riders in all the brevets ridden through the season.

Abhijit, Hari, Kalpesh, Sohan, Sandeep, Vijay and I met a bit early to sort the cards. The ceremony began around 4:45 PM as slowly riders started to gather. Abhijit started with a presentation on the statistics of Bangalore Brevets and the comparison with all India Level, (Bangalore brevets totalling 60000 kms per year, approximately). Then the route statistics were presented.

Then, the medals and certificates for the super randonneurs of last season and this season till the first half (March 2014) were handed off. Ashokji and I got Double SRs for the last season and Sohan got double SR this season (note it, people, he completed 2 full series and a 1000 before March - 5 months into the season). Other notable SRs who were there in the ceremony include Kalpesh and Vijay of IISc, Abhilash from Mysore, Vignesh, Parag, Sunil, Jayaprakash, Rafi, Somaskanda, Manjula and Meera from Bangalore.

There were three special categories of the awards introduced by IISc Randonneurs from the last season.

 R80 / R70 / R60 Categories - Completing a super series of brevet (200, 300, 400 and 600 kms) within 80% / 70% / 60% of the actual time, in a period of 2 years.Distance Awards

None of the riders got it for the last season

National Super Randonneur - Finishing a super series of brevets with each brevet in a different state of India in a time period of 2 years.

Two of the riders got it from Bangalore - Manjula and Meera.

Distance Awards - To the riders accumulating maximum number of kms in a brevet season. Considered events are ACP sanctioned brevets, Fleche and club brevets/populaires.

For the male category, I got the award, with 4580 kms (3x200, 2x300, 2x400, 2x600, 1000 and 380 kms in Fleche). The close contestant for this award was Ashokji with 4400 kms.

For the female category, Meera got the award, with 2080 kms aggregated.

Then all the riders were awarded with their medals and homologated brevet cards for all the brevets and Fleche. Abhijit announced riders and Kalpesh presented their cards and medals.

Lastly, nice tea and biscuits were arranged, followed by photo session ;-)

I got to meet almost all the legendary riders of Bangalore Brevets, which I feel is the best part of the ceremony. Kudos to IISc Randonnuers and BBC organizers who offer the Bangalore Biking community with nice riding opportunities every year.

The pictures from the ceremony can be found here..

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