Thursday, November 28, 2013

About Me - 2

18 months passed by, after writing an "About me".. Only the numbers on the side, in the dailymile widgets got updated... Still the goals remain same and in fact more goals got added too
  • To explore all the greeny areas within 200 km radius around Bangalore.
  • Cycle atleast once, to my native place and back from there to Bangalore.
  • Eventhough I ride 100s of kms here, when I reach native place, the views completely change. For example, when I plan to visit my relatives who live some 20+ kms away from my home, (on a TVS XL super), riding the moped for 20 kms still makes me feel like it is a tough job.. I want to take my cycle there and feel what I think when I do the same on my cycle. Still, Coimbatore (which is 60 kms away from my village), Tirupur (20 kms), and Erode (50 kms) looks too far as I haven't experienced cycling there..
  • There are awesome hills available to climb, within 100kms of reach from home. Ooty is around 100 kms, Kodaikanal is around 160 kms, there is awesome Pollachi (80 kms) where I want to ride through Coconut Farms, Sathyamangalam and the nearby areas at 50s of kms, etc.,
  • Spend a week atleast on western ghats, starting from Coorg, and ending at Honnavar
  • West coast ride from Kasargod to Goa, visiting some beaches
  • Some relaxed rides / atleast some brevets in Kerala
Most of the above are still in the wishlist, not even gone to planning stage...
With Paris - Brest - Paris in mind which forces me to ride more of brevets than relaxed rides, and interesting / challenging work also in the way, I am now a greedy rider who wishes 100 weeks/weekends a year so that I could cover everything to the fullest.. Well, life, never is easy with offering the people, the time they want and I am no different in that.

On the other side, I have ridden some rides which will go as, rides of my life 
  • Bangalore - Goa
  • Mullayanagiri, Agumbe & Kundadri - some parts of Western ghats through two trips
  • Some notable brevet rides
For some of these rides, I tried to capture the experiences in my blogposts, excuse my simple language and some long, boring writeup style.. Will try to improve on that too....

I haven't done a notable, innovative update to my bike yet, so never shared anything about bike build /upgrades / components.. But planning to get into that soon and transform my rockrider into more of a Randonneuring bike - Will update about that also in the blog...

So, to say in short, I am a rider who have a list of goals to be scored and a list of goals scored, with the rate of scoring much less than rate of addition in target numbers.. I am a rider who, till now only rode the bike, and never felt the bike by fixing, upgrading, adjusting, tuning, etc., but looking forward to do that.. I am a rider who is eagerly waiting to get lost with the nature more often, in its own way, atleast for a week or two everytime..

And in this blog, you can find my ride experiences, and addition / modification to my bike(s) and how I got that done..


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