Thursday, March 7, 2013

Medals Again...

This sunday, I attended the Randonneurs Meetup and Awards Function held at Choksi Hall, IISc. Well, I actually missed the Randonneurs meet snacks, and the presentation by Sreepathi about new awards introduced by club, because of the train delay. But I made it before the distribution of my medals ;-)

Medals :-)
I received two medals, the first one for 600 km Bangalore - Ranebennur - Bangalore brevet, and the second one for Huliyurdurga 200 brevet. Having already received medal for 300 km brevet in last Randonneurs meetup, the two missing medals in basic collection are, a 400 km medal and a Super Randonneur medal. I have already completed the 300, 400 and 600 brevets for this season, as of now. Have to wait for the 400 medal to arrive from France to Chennai, and have to do a 200 km brevet for Super Rando medal.

The function was conducted nicely by the organisers. Abhijit, Mustafa and Sreepathi took the dias, with Mustafa distrubuting the medals for the last season brevets, followed by Arvind distributing medals for present season's Bangarpet 200km brevet. Then last season's Super Randonneurs received the honours, followed by their photo session, and a ride around IISc campus. Kalpesh and I took Ashok, Parag and Vaibhav (Chiddu's elder son) for the ride around campus, ending in juice center.

It felt great to meet so many Randonneurs and see them receiving honours. I was happy that I know more riders now (compared to last rando meetup) as I have ridden with most of them some or other time.

For the ride around the campus, I took Abhijit's hawk, as my bike is yet to be taken from Sreepathi's room. Following the fall in tristate 600km brevet where my right hand took an impact, I managed to finish the remaining distance putting the load on my left hand. After the ride, Sreepathi helped me not to ride back to home, by keeping the bike in his room. Though my hand was normal in a day, I didn't want to put load and make it more worse. I had plans for a month's rest after a fantastic run of 1500+ kms in february, but now break is inevitable.

Sohan was right, whatever you plan for a break, you can't just take break from cycling. You will feel like riding within a week. I rightly had that one compelling me in just 5 days after brevet, but didn't want to risk also. Now thinking to ride Pune 200 brevet around this month end and rest atleast till then, I will use the time to write on some notable rides I had done so far, to not loose taste of riding :-)...

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