Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hessarghatta Populaire and Randonneurs Reunion

Last saturday, IISc Randonneurs had organised a randonneurs reunion for distributing the medals for the randonnees of the season, preceeded by Hessarghatta 55 km populaire to celebrate the moment. I participated in the ride, and got my medal and homologated Brevet card for the Kolar Gold Fields 300 km Brevet, later, in the function. It was nice to see some well known randonneurs around.

@ first control, with Vijay
About the populaire, the route is familiar, ridden umpteen number of times, so nothing new. I just wanted to have the taste of ride and come back earlier, and did so. Started around 0605 hrs, with Dheeraj, Sohan and Vijay, gradually increased pace, rode mostly alone, I reached end control by 0836 hrs, making this my fastest ride as of now. I felt happy to meet Dheeraj and Vijay in a ride, after long time.

After breakfast in mess, I reached students amenities centre (or SAC), for the randonneurs reunion. Soon Kalpesh and Jitendra joined and we had awesome snacks arranged for riders. After that, medals were distrubuted by Sreepathi. I got mine and felt happy to hold that tiny, shiny piece of metal, a remembrance of the sweet 313 kms through some greeny routes in Karnataka, Andhra, and Tamilnadu, thanks to my b'Twin Rockrider 5.3.

Summing up, the day was fantastic, with a ride, and a medal. The ride gave me the confidence that I can try the 600 km Bangalore-Ranebennur-Bangalore Brevet in june, and holding the medal in hand, amplifies that everytime.

Shiny, Tiny Medal
Brevet Card - Homologated