Friday, April 6, 2012

Unridden Trips........

My dad called me yesterday and said that he is travelling back home from Pune, and will cross Bangalore today. I wanted to meet him in KRPuram railway station. So, I thought of making a cycling trip around this visit, as I haven't ridden out after my March 1 Muthathi trip. Plan is to start by 0600 hrs, go to Hoskote, through Outer Ring Road(ORR) and NH 75, have breakfast, come back 15 kms in NH 75 and reach KRPuram, before 1015 hrs, meet my dad briefly and return back to institute. I informed Hari about the trip, and he also was interested, and all was set to go. I even thought a title for the trip, '75 kms in NH 75'. Today, I woke up only to find that fever has increased a bit from yesterday's mild level, in addition to bonus pulses of head ache. Was afraid, will spoil fun if anything happens in the middle. So had to cancel the trip and informed Hari. I felt bad about cancelling the trip and unable to get sleep thereafter.

This is not the first time I haven't ridden a planned trip. There are unridden trips, some of them are serious rides (in my classification) which I haven't done due to unavoidable reasons, some, just planned, eager to go but people with me dropped out, some, I was not sure whether the plan is really serious and left the decision to my laziness. But it is true, that some of the missed trips made more impact than my most successful rides.

My first cancelled trip (and most of the cancelled trips) is, to Hesharghatta, by Aug 16th, 2011. A group of guys in IBN(IISc Bikers Network) planned a ride to Hesharghatta. Jitendra and I planned to join. But I dropped the ride that morning, because of laziness, and Jitendra joined other guys and finished. Had I ridden that day, it would have been my first trip to Hesharghatta and it took me 3 more months to do that first one. One other day, Gaurav, Jitendra, Kalpesh and I planned the same trip to Hesharghatta. The ride day morning, I was waiting for the guys near 'A' mess gate, and some miscommunication happened and I understood that, none of the guys were about to turn up. So I went back to my room. Then all of them got ready, and gathered, and called me. However, I was not ready to go back, as I was in a mood to sleep again. They rode for 10 kms or so that day and returned back. It resulted in a stupid quarelling for next 2 days, between myself and Jitendra, with a quarrel right in an embedded systems class interval and our course instructor noticing it, being the funniest. Then, Jitendra and I used to plan trips, mainly to Hesharghatta, and we(mostly I) had a habit of dropping always in the ride day morning, quoting the reason, tiredness, and laziness being the real reason.

The rides which I missed and felt most, are Chellakere 400 and Tristate 600 Brevets. Had I done these Brevets, these would have been my longest rides till now. I prepared too much for these Brevets and I had to drop them at last moments, unwillingly. I didn't bother much about missing Chellakere 400 Brevet because, the route is quite easy and I still have a chance of doing it in Brevet month (July 2012) ride series. But, the Tristate 600 Brevet, is really a challenging route, and in July also, I can't ride because of some personal reasons. Hope any one of the 600km Brevet in next Brevet year has this route.

I quoted a funny reason for dropping a ride, last saturday. Hari and I planned for a Hesharghatta trip. He called me by the ride day morning and said, others who planned to ride along, were dropping because of sudden rain then. I was shocked hearing raining. Just 2 days before only I got my bike serviced as good as a new one. Knowing my laziness to clean, I backed off from the ride quoting that as the lame excuse. Lucky him, finally the guys who were about to drop then, showed off, and they rode in the rain to Hesharghatta. (Riding to Hesharghatta and Madhurekere, a nearby place to Hesharghatta, in rain is a nice experience though. I have done this once)

Today, for the first time, I cancelled the trip because of being sick. Though I can't really do anything, this is one of the situations I hate ever, unable to do something, because of being sick. Not only that, I disappointed my dad, and Hari. Want to do a ride to compensate this cancellation, and hope not to cancel that ride with some lame excuses......


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