Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About Me

Welcome to KarthiK's blog...

About myself, I am from one of the nice villages in Tirupur District, Tamilnadu. I completed my M. Tech in CEDT, IISc Bangalore and now battling with noisy and smoky city life. 

Inspired by IISc Randonneurs, especially, AlexGokulMustafa, Nirmal and Sreepathi, I started Randonneuring from end of July 2011. I just want to cycle to every possible place around Bangalore, which is clean and green (not inside the city - I hate riding in a concrete jungle filled with noise, polluted air, and ofcourse heavy traffic and signals). Currently my goal is to explore all greeny locations within 200 km radius, with Bangalore as centre. 

Initially I used to ride to previously ridden places only, such that I need not worry about missing the route back (I was geographically too bad then). But one day, I got a funny thought like, I am an emperor and which ever the place and route I ride, they come under my kingdom. Inspired by this thought, I opened google maps and tried to map my kingdom. So sad, it just contained 4 to 5 routes and some places through that. And yeah, I found that riding in same routes made me feel bored such that I haven't ridden out for almost 2 months. I suddenly felt like I was demoted from an emperor to a landlord :-(. That's when I started to cycle to some unknown locations and made sure I felt satisfactory after every ride. To not miss the route while riding, I started reading maps carefully before riding and observe the distances and landmarks. These activities added taste to the experience from the rides. And if I miss the route, wow, one more section added to my kingdom without the effort of planning.

I take part in the Populaires and Brevets organised in Bangalore. Brevets are the opportunities where I get to ride more than 300 kms (expand my kingdom very fast :-), also, lots and lots of cycling together). They also help me to check my ride performances and abilities. I am currently not thinking to participate in the races as I strongly feel competition will take out the passion from me, though I like to watch and follow. 

I like riding uphills but I fear downhills. I like riding in all types of roads, but mostly try to avoid very bad sections of roads, because of my puncture history.

In addition to cycling, I like to swim and play badminton.

In this blog, I will share my ride experiences, route-maps, ride and bike related stuffs.

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