Monday, April 30, 2012

Mission Accomplished...

Yesterday, Jitendra and I rode to Hessarghatta, spent some time riding in the trails of grasslands, and looped around the lake. Yet another ride to Hessarghatta, but the visit to grasslands made the difference.

Jitendra wanted to do the 150+ km month end ride planned in BBC, yesterday, and I wanted to ride with him till Magadi, and return back, making a 100 km trip. All was set, but yesterday morning he had to drop the ride. Then we discussed, and planned to ride to the usual place, Hessarghatta (where else?).

Started by 0600 hrs, we reached the bakery at Hessarghatta by 0645, had some snacks and tea. We started riding around the lake by 0700 hrs. We took Nrityagram road in between to visit grasslands. While riding in this road, I was thinking whether we could make it for breakfast in institute. But when we reached and saw grasslands, I was ready to trade off breakfast to spend some time there. In a cloudy morning, the wet grasslands, (rained, the day before) surrounded by shiny green trees appeared simply mind blowing (Once again, regretted, not carrying a camera). Then we rode through the grassland trails for sometime, and returned back to continue the loop, through fodder institute road, Madhure temple road, and IIHR road from sperm institute.

In IIHR road, we slowed down as our bikes got painted with mud due to the remainings of the day before's rain in the bad sections of road. We had a break in between for tea, rode in a moderate speed following the populaire route, and reached back institute by 0945 hrs for a late breakfast. Well, 60 kms in 03 hrs 45 minutes, not bad this time.

Addons :-
  1. Last time, when I visited grasslands, it was completely foggy.
  2. Mission Accomplished : I made it for breakfast in institute, finally. Though, I can't get idlis, I was happy with bread and milk.
  3. Forgot to see the name of the bakery, this time too..


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